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Tarot Truths is a place where you can receive validation for what you already know, ask questions, gain insight into many areas of life and feel good when you leave.

I have been doing readings, both psychic and astrological, for most of my life. I work in a unique way in that I really tap into the "essence" of who you are. I don’t do traditional astrology or traditional tarot card readings, I use these tools as guides, but what comes to you through me is merely a reflection of your internal environment.

As the weather changes outside, so does the weather internally. I can help clear the fog. I do not claim to be 100 percent correct on predictions but I am quite accurate in reading the situation at hand. I do do timing predictions, but one must keep in mind, our human perception of time and Energy’s/Spirit’s/God’s time is not necessarily on our schedule.

I do not predict death as a health issue but I do see death of old ways of thinking, doing and working which I may suggest or foresee changes.

What you get from my readings are what you put into them. If you are open for information you will get much to work with, if you come to merely test my abilities, you’ll get some information but most often not what you are truly seeking.

As my site grows, I will be adding testimonials, articles, insights and links. Please come back often to see the terrific changes and growth in store. I hope to speak with you as soon as I not only love what I do but I grow from my clients as much as they do from me.

Blessings always




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