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02/09/2011 "You are an awesome lady...you shared something with me and IT HAS COME TO PASS. I moved. You shared with me that it would take place! It has happened! Smooth transition! I have alot of faith in GOD and never doubted him once. I'm waiting on the bigger financal blessing now and I beleive it's coming! When it comes I will bless you! I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU! We have had a home built here and we are finacial secured. But, this is not the big one...the BIG one is coming... I don't ever have to meet you in person, but you can believe this...that i will give some of my wind fall to you! God Bless!"  Name Withheld for Privacy


"She has a big caring heart that has cleared up unbelievable messes for me and believe me - her advice and insights were dead on. Do not miss out on this truly gifted kind psychic" 

"She has saved the day so many times for me over the past year. She sees people's intentions, descriptions... its just awesome." 

"What a wonderful woman! She was right on target! I have not had a reading like this before and she gets an A+. Readers, remember this, Tarot Truth tells the truth and she really does feel your energy...Please try her, you will not be disappointed!" 

"I was recommended to Tarot Truths by a friend, and I must say I wasn't disappointed, she is very connected and caring & generous with her time, I wish I had more time, but I will be back for more later. An amazing spirit, Thank you so much!!!" 

"She gave me some good solid predictions..and was ultra generous with her time energy and reading. A very good person who was open honest and direct in what she saw "

"[She] has an amazing GIFT of site - she has accurately predicted events that are starting to unfold - she was able to give me insight into a situation that helped me to know which route to take. She is considerate and VERY ethical!!" 

"Outstanding Reading." 

"Extremely wonderful reading. Very kind and compassionate. Showed a great deal of care of me and my situation(s). Lots of good advice, but coupled with the information I was asking about. "