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I work with a variety of energies. How I work online is quite simple. I will need your first name ONLY, date of birth, your gender, your location (if within the US, just the city is fine). If your question involves another person, I will need the same information above for them. Most of all I need ONE specific question or AREA you want information on. I only ask for one question without a lot of detail because most often all of our questions are answered within a reading by merely asking the most important one and focusing our energies on that.

I do a short prayer and meditation while you are typing your information and then wait for a moment for us both to center. I do not do ordinary sun-sign astrology, the reason I need your date of birth is because each person caries their own signature vibration. By asking your first name and birthday I tune into your individual history, talents, spirit and energy. I usually begin by asking you to not type, allow the energy to flow and I will type for about three to five minutes giving my assessment based on your question. I may ask clarifying questions to make sure I am tuned in. This is your reading. I always leave time for questions and answers after my initial channel. You can ask anything you wish as this is GUARANTEED 100 PERCENT PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL. I also conduct the readings in IM format so that you can cut and paste or archive your reading for future reference.

I do not claim to be PERFECT or 100 percent ACCURATE. I do not claim to connect with everyone. I have off days as you do, sometimes the timing for us to speak is not always the best, I only ask that you come here open and with understanding. I do have many many repeat clients who say my timing is quite accurate, but as I have mentioned previously, you must come open for information. The more open you are (without expectation of what you want to hear) the more information you will receive and the higher the accuracy will be.

I offer guidance on many levels and in most areas. If I do not tune into you, I will not waste your time! If you feel we have not connected within the first five minutes of our reading, please tell me and I will return your money.

Bless you and hope to speak soon.