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about me

Since the age of 13 my voracious appetite for astrology and all things spiritual have propelled me into to a life-long study of the spiritual realm and self-study.

I put myself through traditional college doing readings and teaching classes for a small book store, as well as running my own business via phone, in-person parties and email.

I am a yogini-in-training and utilize all my work on my yoga mat in my work with spirit. I am honest in all that I do and will not Lie or Twist what I feel or see to please you. Please understand that what I see is only a reflection of the NOW, we all have free will and can dismiss anything that does not suit us.

I believe that the information that comes to us through all of our senses is meant as a means of personal guidance for us to utilize in making our daily existence calmer and more pleasant. What I offer is information, what you do with that information is completely in your hands. You can store it away or use the suggestions in our reading to make your life a brighter reflection of the beauty of who you are, or merely toss it away. It is ultimately up to you and your relationship with who or what you believe in.

I get as much from my clients as they get from me as we are all on a journey to learn. I believe we all have the ability of “sight” but what sets one person apart from another is that society tells us these “feelings or visions” are “coincidence.” Is it a coincidence that you are here now reading this? I don’t believe it is. I also feel that because you and I are interacting, there is information for BOTH OF US to come from this. I trust that there are no coincidences, which sets me apart from most readers. I love what I do and hope to offer guidance and light.